Speedy Tan Mousse


For the best home tan of your life use Speedytan Mousse this moouse is rich in colour not smell and gives the most realistic tan to date just a little on your mink appliction mitt and away you go. Tan develops in as little as 2 hours. Its that Speedy!! $29.95 plus postage and handling.

Application instructions: after exfoliating with your speedytan away mitt you can apply your mousse using a small amount on the mitt apply to legs first do your hands feet ankles and wrists,neck and face last and make sure there is hardly any mousse on the mitt this way they will blend and not be to dark. Then do your upper body remember less is more until you get the hang of it! rinse then moisturize and voila your ready for any event. Its as speedy as that!

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Speedy Tan

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